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The Team

Meet the young and energetic team that make Stadium Echo what it is today. The entire team is dedicated towards taking Indian football to the next level. All of them are either students or young professionals but take considerable time out of their schedules to contributing to this pioneering magazine.

Stadium Echo editor Ritwik Khanna

Ritwik Khanna

Undergrad econ student and a Manchester United fan. Can be found reading Sid Lowe and Jonathan Wilson or planning a trek to the Himalayas in his free time


Ishaan Takkar

A 20 y/0 history undergrad who is equally enthusiastic about the sport both on the pitch and off it. A neutral fan who enjoy supporting the underdog every time in top European leagues.


Arnav Chawla

20 y/o Math major and ardent Manchester United fan. Self proclaimed FPL specialist. No nonsense on and off the pitch.  

Siddhant Agarwal.jpg

Siddhant Agarwal

23 y/o engineering graduate and a lifelong sports enthusiast trying to work his way through the corporate life.  Having played many sports, I would safely call myself the "Jack of all trades and Master of None"

Saurabh Nagpal

Studying Literature, Loving Football.

A Red and a Culé

Twitter- @saurabhnagpal19

Adibir Singh

Law school graduate from New Delhi. Sports has been a major part of my life and I've channeled that into writing and reporting for a number of websites and major football apps for the last 18 months.

A huge Liverpool fan and Bundesliga fanatic

Ritvik Khanna

20 y/o econ undergrad and a Manchester City supporter. Avowed Football Manager mastermind. Will probably slide tackle you when pissed off

Prakshi Gambhir

Hi, I'm Prakshi. The name confuses a lot of people so I go by Prox. Wish I could tiki-taka alignments and imperfect colour palette for any design but seems like I can only do that with my career choices in economics :)

Aryan Bhargava

19 y/o virtual designing enthusiast who is new to the football world. Learning to dribble on and off the pitch


Shashwat Shivhare

20 y/o Commerce undergrad and Manchester United fan. You can find me either playing FIFA or ranting about Ed Woodward and the Glazers



Kritika Dixit

A literature student whose personality oscillates between crowding her inbox with subscribed newsletters she never reads and being friends with online celebrity cats


Designing Team

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